The Portland Winter Light Festival came to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center on the nights of February 4 through 7th attracting large crowds and introducing more than 1500 people to the Center. The Festival literally turned the lights on buildings, fixtures, and trails along the inner byways of Southeast Portland. ORHC was a major stopping place with its dramatic outside fire display and creative lighting inside the building.

For the four nights a total of more than 1600 people visited us, almost all first time visitors and most had never heard of us. Concessions totaled $656 and donations over $450. The interior lighting was created by Matthew Rosvold of Adapt Lighting while the outdoor fire fixture was created by The BadFire. Arlen Sheldrake said this propane fire display had originally been planned for OMSI but was moved to ORHC. With its high visibility from Max, the street car, and Water Avenue it helped attract the high attendance, we can all be pleased it worked out that way.

Arlen deserves a big thank you as does Al Baker and all the volunteers that gave of their evening time to keep our doors open late. With a success like this in winter we can all look forward to an exciting year.