Hop on board and join our group of dedicated and talented volunteers.


The Oregon Rail Heritage Center is operated almost entirely by volunteers. There are many volunteer opportunities available and we are always looking for people with an interest in public service who want to contribute time to one of the Center’s programs.

Volunteers are essential to the day-to-day operation of the Enginehouse. From the docents to the board of directors to the train crews to the mechanical department, thousands of hours are volunteered each year. We are ALWAYS looking for more people to help us keep the Museum in good working order. As a volunteer, you will learn new skills and build long-lasting friendships.

Volunteer Opportunities


Docents are interpretive guides in a museum. Ours are the primary interface with the visiting public and are responsible for creating an enjoyable and educational experience for our guests. Docents explain the stories and details about our equipment and railroading in an entertaining manner, while insuring the public’s safety in a working enginehouse. Successful candidates will have the capability of and an interest in never-ending learning along with a public presence and the ability to perform with minimal supervision. Smiling faces are the measure of success in this vital volunteer role.

Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop provides an opportunity for visitors to find that special memento of their visit to the Rail Heritage Center and is an important revenue source. Gift Shop volunteers help guests in their selection, collect payment for the purchases, and administer memberships and donations. Successful candidates will have a pleasant out-going manner, attention to detail, and the ability to perform with minimal supervision.

Marketing & Promotion

Skills in Marketing and Promotion could help us grow our attendance. Assume a low budget environment in which to be creative.

Writing, Editing, and Publishing

We have a broad range of projects for volunteers interested in writing, editing, and publishing. From newsletters, promotional material, web pages, and informational flyers to documenting operating procedures, roles, and interpretive displays there is plenty of opportunity to challenge you. The successful persons will be able to take an area that interests them and run with it.

Graphic Artists, Modelers, Educators

Interpretive displays create learning opportunities for our guests and we are starting from the ground up. Graphic Artists, Modelers, and Educators may find this an area that interests them. There are limited financial resources at this point, so there are real opportunities to be extra creative.

Social Media

Help manage our social media accounts and to promote the Enginehouse through these accounts.

Grant Researchers

Grant Researchers will help find additional funding opportunities, identify, and apply for grants.

Event Coordinators

Providing space for outside groups to hold Special Events will be an important income source. Event Coordinators will work with those groups to facilitate the event. Special Event Staff is necessary for outside events as well as those hosted by ORHC.

Welders & Machinists

The locomotives are each maintained by their own group of volunteers If you are skilled as a welder, machinist, or in another highly specialized area please contact the engine crews directly.

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