The Turntable Project

ORHF has acquired the last remaining historic element of the Brooklyn Roundhouse – a 100’ turntable built in 1924 by the American Bridge Company. Over the next year, the Foundation will be refurbishing and installing this vintage piece of rail history at our Center on Southeast Water Avenue in Portland.

Enginehouse Update – July & August

Track Work at the Enginehouse After all the ties and rail had been sorted at the site, the volunteer track crew started laying track in July. Ballast was laid on the graded ground, followed by ties spaced and more ballast tamped between the ties. Despite temperatures in the 90’s, the crew worked nearly every weekend …

Enginehouse Update – Early July

Packing Up at the Roundhouse Restoration of the only salvageable original roundhouse doors started in April when the pair was removed to a temporary shelter adjacent to the building. Volunteers restored each surface of the two 7’6” x18’ Douglas fir doors. Two pairs of handmade “replica” doors will be installed along with the original in …

Late May – Completing the Frame

The frame components were completed by May 25. Two tracks enter the building: the west track includes a drop pit and table. The east track will continue through the building to the property’s south side. Wood roundhouse doors will be installed in the large frames on the north and south walls. In mid May the …

Early May: Erecting the Enginehouse

In late April the concrete floor slabs, drop table and pit areas were complete and cured. On May 7th, the erector crew started assembling the Enginehouse frame. These photos show quick progress in just a few days.