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Preserving, Educating, & Celebrating

Portland's historic locomotives, railroad equipment, and artifacts.

Open-Air Train Rides

From March through October, we offer open-air train rides along the east bank of the scenic Willamette River. These excursions are pulled by the historic UP96 diesel locomotive.

The Holiday Express train outside of the Oregon Rail Heritage Center with steam coming out of it - maroon overlay

The Holiday Express is now on sale!

The Holiday Express is running November 24 - December 17th. Join Santa Claus and his elves for a magical ride behind the 1912 Polson #2 steam locomotive. Decorated in festive cheer, the heated vintage rail cars transport you along the Willamette River in the heart of the city.

Volunteer Spotlight – James Jones

James Jones is known around the Center as James, JP, Stealth Docent (he appears regularly—without signing up in advance) and Neon Thunder (for his hi-viz rain gear). James is a Portland area native. He has four brothers, four sisters and is right in the middle as the fourth oldest of the group. Married to Marcie …

An Early Start on the Polson #2 Required Boiler Overhaul

A leak inside one of the many steel tubes (called boiler tubes) in Polson #2’s boiler necessitated the removal of the bad tube. It was decided to do a full 15-year boiler inspection due to the amount of work involved. Several volunteers from ORHF, led by crews from owner Albany & Eastern Railroad, began the …

Volunteer Spotlight – Jim Thomas

Jim Thomas has been a member of ORHF’s Board of Directors since 2020 and serves on its Finance Committee. He has been close to ORHF since the Brooklyn Roundhouse days, has been a frequent visitor since the museum was built, and was recruited by our Board Secretary, David Jorling, to join the Board. Fun fact: …

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