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Preserving, Educating, & Celebrating

Portland's historic locomotives, railroad equipment, and artifacts.

Saturday Train Rides

From April through October, we offer train rides along the east bank of the scenic Willamette River.

Rivets on an antique train locomotive - maroon overlay

The Turntable Project

ORHF has acquired the last remaining historic element of the Brooklyn Roundhouse – a 102’ turntable built in 1924 by the American Bridge Company. Railroads and rail yards have depended on turntables since the early 1900’s to rotate locomotives & railcars from one track to another. Over the next year, the Foundation will be refurbishing and installing this vintage piece of rail history at our Center on Southeast Water Avenue in Portland.

Volunteer Spotlight – Ron Nierenberg

Volunteer Ron Nierenberg is quite versatile and handy to have around the Enginehouse. Not just because of his customer service talent in the gift shop or because of his skill as our Volunteer Coordinator. Who do we call when the weather looks threatening, and we need to consider a closure? You guessed it! Our resident …

Volunteer Spotlight – Neil and Betty Ferris

There aren’t many couples who volunteer together at the Center. We are fortunate to have Neil and Betty Ferris as one of those couples. Their involvement at ORHC began in August of 2012, about one month before the Center opened. Always interested in trains of all types and sizes, they received an email from a …

Volunteer Spotlight – Patty Savage

Patty is a lover of all things transportation! Besides her obvious love of trains, Patty is a huge fan of hot air balloons. Since 1997, she has volunteered for several balloon festivals, helping to launch balloons and take them down. She is happy to ride in the balloon whenever necessary or participate as a member …

With your help, ORHF has done wonders.

Your generous donations help keep the Oregon Rail Heritage Center free to everyone. We thank you sincerely and so do all the kids of all ages that love trains.