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Preserving, Educating, & Celebrating

Portland's historic locomotives, railroad equipment, and artifacts.

Explore the Magic

Did you know Portland is the only U.S. city to own two operating steam locomotives? Explore and get up close to these giant marvels of the past.

On Saturdays, starting April 4, 2020, after you’ve taken in the latest exhibit, hop aboard the charming, family-owned Oregon Pacific Railroad passenger train for the short trip down to the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. All aboard!

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The Turntable Project

ORHF has acquired the last remaining historic element of the Brooklyn Roundhouse – a 102’ turntable built in 1924 by the American Bridge Company. Railroads and rail yards have depended on turntables since the early 1900’s to rotate locomotives & railcars from one track to another. Over the next year, the Foundation will be refurbishing and installing this vintage piece of rail history at our Center on Southeast Water Avenue in Portland.

We are open again starting May 8th!

The Oregon Rail Heritage Center will be open Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1:00 – 5:00pm starting May 8th. But….we are a volunteer run organization, and there may be times we do not have enough volunteers to safely open the Center. If we cannot open on a given day, we will post this on the …

Due to Covid-19 we are closed again until further notice

The Governor of Oregon has moved our county to the extreme risk category to slow the spread of Covid 19. Due to this we will be closed until this order is lifted. Our first priority is the health and safety of our guests and volunteers. Stay safe out there, mask up and we will see …

Reluctantly, we are cancelling Santa’s Enginehouse

Starting December 3, a new framework for Covid-19 restrictions in Oregon based on infection rates took effect. Multnomah County, and many other counties, are categorized as at Extreme Risk for covid spread. Among many restrictions, museums cannot open. For the past month, the number of new cases in our county has far exceeded the threshold …

With your help, ORHF has done wonders.

Your generous donations help keep the Oregon Rail Heritage Center free to everyone. We thank you sincerely and so do all the kids of all ages that love trains.