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Portland's historic locomotives, railroad equipment, and artifacts.

The Holiday Express

SOLD OUT! Check back next year - tickets go on sale mid-July.

The Holiday Express has been a Portland tradition since 2005! Come join Santa and his elves, riding in vintage rail cars pulled by the powerful, world-famous SP 4449 steam locomotive. The perfect way to start your holiday season.

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Explore the Magic

Did you know Portland is the only U.S. city to own two operating steam locomotives? Explore and get up close to these giant marvels of the past.

On Saturdays, after you’ve taken in the latest exhibit, hop aboard the charming, family-owned Oregon Pacific Railroad passenger train for the short trip down to the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. All aboard!

Podcast: Pat Tracy

At the Oregon Rail Heritage Center we’re about steam locomotives. You wouldn’t think boiling water could be that complicated, but when it comes to steam locomotives it is. This is our first podcast of what will be an ongoing series of discussions with people who maintain steam locomotives and the challenges to do it right, …

Video: Working on the Railroad

Presented by the Oregon Rail Heritage Center, the video is a stop action look at what happens when the trains have to be rearranged. The soundtrack features the voices of the Oregon Repertory Singers Youth Choir and the banjo of Paul Drews. This may well be the best two minutes you spend all day.

Video: Challenges of Steam

The Challenges of Steam video presents an in depth look at steam locomotives, their upside and downside, and what led to the conversion to the electric diesel. Presented by Oregon Rail Heritage Center, and featuring the members of the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association, the video is an informative and entertaining thirteen minutes.

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