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Preserving, Educating, & Celebrating

Portland's historic locomotives, railroad equipment, and artifacts.

Explore the Magic

Did you know Portland is the only U.S. city to own two operating steam locomotives? Explore and get up close to these giant marvels of the past.

On Saturdays, starting April 4, 2020, after you’ve taken in the latest exhibit, hop aboard the charming, family-owned Oregon Pacific Railroad passenger train for the short trip down to the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. All aboard!

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The Turntable Project

ORHF has acquired the last remaining historic element of the Brooklyn Roundhouse – a 102’ turntable built in 1924 by the American Bridge Company. Railroads and rail yards have depended on turntables since the early 1900’s to rotate locomotives & railcars from one track to another. Over the next year, the Foundation will be refurbishing and installing this vintage piece of rail history at our Center on Southeast Water Avenue in Portland.

Visit Santa’s Enginehouse

Ho Ho Happy Holidays…..Santa’s Coming to the Enginehouse! This holiday season visit the Oregon Rail Heritage Center—transformed inside and out into Santa’s Enginehouse, full of holiday magic for children of all ages. Outside, vintage rail cars and a classic diesel locomotive, the Nickel Plate 190, twinkle with colorful holiday lights, while the Center itself glows …

Walt Eisenman: A Fixture in the Enginehouse

When you add it all up, Walt is more than a volunteer: he is a fixture. Thank you, Walt, for all you do and for being who you are.

Laurie McCormack’s American Freedom Train Journey

In fall 1974 I was living in small town Conneaut, Ohio, as a newlywed. Doyle McCormack and I had married on August 28, 1971. I was a third-year college student majoring in elementary education when a phone call came to our house requesting that Doyle take on rebuilding the SP 4449 for the bicentennial American …

With your help, ORHF has done wonders.

Your generous donations help keep the Oregon Rail Heritage Center free to everyone. We thank you sincerely and so do all the kids of all ages that love trains.