To Oregon Rail Heritage Center’s treasured family,

What strange times we are living through. Though our doors are shuttered for the
time being, we’re fortunate to be able to reach out electronically. We hope all of
you are safe and healthy at home.

Though work on our engines and rail cars has been suspended, we’re looking for
ways to connect and interact virtually. We’ll soon start sharing railroad stories,
photos and videos on our website and Facebook page. We’ll post links often and
hope you’ll enjoy staying immersed in rail history.

We’re planning future work at the Enginehouse, as well as public events after we
reopen—including the 16 th annual running of our Holiday Express trains. Planning
for installation of the historic Brooklyn Yard turntable in our front yard is going

While we are closed, the costs of maintaining the Enginehouse, as well as the
salaries of our small (two) staff, have not gone away. We have reduced our budget
only to the essentials, as we cannot get donation box revenues or store sales during
this period. Any financial help you can give us during this time will be greatly
appreciated. Click here to donate to ORHF.

We very much are looking forward to the day when we can reopen and once again
showcase our magnificent collection of railroad equipment and welcome you back.

Roy Hemmingway,
President, Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation