On Wednesday November 11th at 11 a.m. the Oregon Rail Heritage Center will participate in the national Bells of Peace event by ringing the portable locomotive bell 21 times. This event is sponsored by the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission in remembrance of those who served and sacrificed.

11-11-11 is the date and time that the armistice was implemented to end World War 1.

11th month – 11th day – 11th hour.

The ORHC bell will be moved outside and rung by John Holloway and myself with five-second intervals between rings as specified in the national procedure. The public is invited to participate by listening for the bell ringing across the nation and by ringing your own bell.

This is the first year of ORHC participation in this national event. More information: https://www.worldwar1centennial.org.

Note: the ringing of the bell 21 times follows the 21-gun salute tradition.