A life-long lover of trains, Scott Davidson (known as Scotty around here) became a volunteer at ORHC in 2019. Encouraged by his mom, he found it a great way to give back to the community. He loves spending afternoons in the Enginehouse as a docent and says the people—both volunteers and visitors—are the key to his enjoyment. Scott must love what he does as he takes MAX all the way from Hillsboro, a 90-minute one-way ride.

Born in Olympia, Scott grew up in Bellingham, Washington. He graduated from North Thurston High School in Lacey, Washington, in 1987. While in Bellingham in 1982, he was able to see the filming of the movie The Grey Fox starring Richard Farnsworth, being shot on The Lake Whatcom Railway. That experience fueled his interest in trains, which grew more intense after he moved to Salt Lake City in the early ΄90s. In 1995, Scott got a ticket to ride the Challenger (brother of the Big Boy) from Salt Lake City to Green River, Wyoming. This led to a deep dive into train history, model trains, and a collection of over 100 train videos—including two of the SP&S 700 and six of the SP4449. Armed with knowledge acquired over many years, Scott now
loves to educate others.

Scott enjoys puttering in his vegetable and flower gardens, semi-weekly water aerobics at LA Fitness, ΄50s music, and the occasional scoop of maple nut ice cream. His fondness for travel led him to a backroads tour of Wales, which he describes as a great experience. He also visited the National Museum of Transportation in England, hoping to see the Royal Scotsman locomotive. Unfortunately, it was in pieces when Scott was there—we know how that goes—but is all back together now. The Royal Scotsman is a Millard Stein locomotive, capable of travel speeds over 100 mph. Fortunately, there were several other locomotives for him to enjoy.

Scott is a beloved member of the ORHC volunteer team. He admits his superpower is knowledge—Scotty is one of our most knowledgeable docents!