For the past two years dedicated volunteers from the Oregon Rail Heritage Center have discussed the need for extending the rail stub in front of the building far enough to display one of the engines or a complete rail car.

To battle the hardscrabble beneath the surface gravel, heavy equipment was necessary. Ron Endicott of Endicott Woods Enterprises donated the equipment time, and along with Scott Edwards of the 4449 crew, an employee of Endicott Woods, they both gave their time to dig the trench where the track was laid.

It took 12 to 15 people ten hours of hard work to get the ties and rail into place. Later, Dick Samuels of the Oregon Pacific Railroad will bring in his track machine to tamp in the ballast and ties. The final step will the surfacing. The payoff will be seeing one the beautifully preserved steam engines on display for all to see as they pass on MAX or TriMet.

(Story contributed by Pat Tracy)